wax & wire statement

Art is a visual story.


Sometimes a very personal story, sometimes one we can all share.

 I often paint with an encaustic wax process. Besides the amazing aroma of melted beeswax, I love how this art form allows me to layer various elements and create a cohesive piece. 

 The effect that encaustic has when poured over a photo is compelling, creating warmth and mystique, which add a twist to the story.


As an artist, it’s incredibly rewarding to hear how artwork I made may strike a chord in you. Perhaps by surfacing a memory or emotion, or by simply providing an oasis of diversion. 

That is the beautiful space where our paths intersect.


As an instructor, I am most fulfilled when encouraging students to work out their own creativity. I provide the environment for creative discovery by leading through the learning curves inherent in any medium and showing how each person can grow their art through experimentation and clever observation. I love to see the deeply personal stories of others work themselves out in the practice of creative expression.


Encaustic allows me to float interesting natural elements into the composition, and feature the beauty and intricacy of nature. I believe this focus can direct the viewer’s wonder to the God who made it all from nothing.


Wax and wire can play well together, and I’ve incorporated my enthusiasm for French Wire Art Sculpture into my current body of work. The ability to express a story in a 3-dimensional form that is airy yet solid draws people to look at these wire creations with great curiosity. 


Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you.


I am a storyteller,
and I hope you enjoy my stories.

So glad you're here!

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